Sunday, September 7, 2008

Almost Cruise time (20 days & counting)...

The time is drawing near.

The kids are back at school and the basement is filling up with prizes.

Amanda has had arough summer, with lots of doctors appointments, and now she is getting ready for braces at the start of October.

Amanda is officially ateenager, turning 13 over the summer. She's not the typical teen...well ok she is the typical teenage girl (totally in love with Eric from the twilight book series and can't wait to see the movie in November...I think she could tell you the number of days, hours & minutes until the release date, but that is a different story). She devours books when she likes the and loves music (even some of the retro stuff that I like).

As I mentioned before the summer has been a collectio of doctors appointments with multiple trips to Toronto. We are actually getting ready for another trip to Toronto this Tuesday (9 sept 08) to see the Opthemologist specialist at Sick Kids. With possibly another eye surgery in the near future. I'll let you know what id happening ater the appointment.

Amanda is a strong grown up thirteen years old, and I am very proud of her...I think she has gone through more in the last 11 years than most adults do in their lifetime.

Work has kept me extremely busy, so I have been a bit delayed with the cruise organization. All of the important things have been completed, it's just some of the samll stuff that needs to be completed.

We had a great weekend at Moprfest this year...we talked to a lot of people about the cruise and both of our booths (toonie toss & airbrush tattoos were very successful), we raised $1,000.00 during the weekend. Roy westlake from Chrysler brought some beautiful cars for the weekend. They were also selling Mopar key chains, clocks, and hats. They raised $2,300.00 and donated it to Juvenile Arthritis through Amanda's Cruise. A special thank you to Roy and his crew.

The cruise route has been determined and it's going to be a nice drive. The poker stops are evenly spaced, the eye spy items have been found and the drive should take about 90 mins (including stops for the poker run).

We are all getting excited about seeing everyone at the cruise.

All the best, and we will see you in a few weeks.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amanda's Cruise 2008

We are getting ready for the 2008 Cruise.

September 27th is the big day and we are going to be at the Bloomingdale Community Centre in Bloomingdale Ontario. Directions to community centre are available on our website.

Again this year we will have a 1-1/2 - 2 hour poker run cruise that includes a stop at the Montrose Covered Bridge as one of our poker stops.

We will be coming out to as many car shows as we can this summer to hand out flyers and talk to people about the cruise and Childhood Arthritis.

If you would like to find out more about Amanda you can read her story on our website or you can see read Amanda's Juvenile Artrhitis Journey

If anyone would like to sponsor the cruise or volunteer please see the website for details or send me an email at Remember students if you need volunteer hours this is a fun way of getting eight hours.

We will be updating this blog & the website all summer long.

Thank you to all of our supporters (car owners, sponsors and volunteers), without you there is no show or cruise.

See you in September.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big Cruise Day

Sorry for the delay in posting in this blog, but we had some computer issues at home.

What a day we had on the 29th! With everyones support we raised $2,600.00 in support of Juvenile Arthritis research, and local programming.

Thank you to everyone who came out and took part in our Saturday afternoon party. With the success we had this year, we are well on our way of reaching our goal of $10,000.00 in 5 years (we may actually be able to do it in 4). We'll just have to raise the bar higher for the next 5 years.

60 cars came out for the car show at the Bloomingdale Community Centre. Cars ranged from classics, Muscle cars, hot rods, customs to a Monster Truck (OK maybe not a monster, it was street legal, but we had concerns with height at the Montrose covered bridge. Turns out he could have made it). Check out the pictures

42 of the cars took part in the cruise/poker run went for a nice drive in the countryside going to Conestogo, Slem, Elora, the Montrose Covered Bridge, Winterbourne & back to Bloomingdale. It was a beuatiful site seeing 42 cars cruising down the road all for a good cause. It was also fun watching 42 cars pull into the poker stops to collect their cards...turns out 2 of the parking lots were a bit snug, but we did it.

Along with the car show at the community centre there was music, games, and an afternoon BBQ.

Lucas oil brought out their race car for everyone to have a close up look, and to sit inside.

The raffle table & participant prize table was filled with prizes from our sponsors (you can see a listing of all the companies that donated our the sponsor page of our website, see the link on the right side). The raffle took place all day long with people buying tickets & checking them against the prize board. Participant prizes were drawn throughout the day, and I think most of the people got a little something to take home.

The best hand from the poker run was 4 kings, with the 2nd best hand being 4 three's. Poker run winners took home $110.00. The big prize at the end of the day was the 50/50 draw with the winner taking home $220.00.

It was a successful day thanks to three groups of people. All three of these groups are equally important, beacause without you donating your free time there would be no cruise, no car show, nothing...

The CAR OWNERS, the SPONSORS, and the VOLUNTEERS, thank you for your support.

There is one more group that I need to thank, and this one is close to my family, they have to put up with me during the crazy prep time before the event. Thank you Michelle, Amanda & Sara.

Again thank you to everyone who came out in suppport of Amanda's Cruise & Car Show for Juvenile Artrhitis

Check out the pictures

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WOW What a Weekend!

Moparfest is always exciting, but this weekend was the best one so far for Amanda's Cruise. It was also great for Amanda as she turned 12 years old on Sunday...Happy Birthday Amanda.

We had two events going on at Moparfest this year, and they were both successfull. With the toonie toss and the airbrush tattoos we raised $1,150.00 (minus some expenses) and gave away some great prizes.

Special thanks to Joanne from Garage Power who helped out at the toonie toss booth all weekend, and talked to people about the Revolution car lift, and the other great items that Garage Power has available for purchase. Thank you also to Rob from Garage Power for donating the buckets full of car cleaning products that we gave away both days of the weekend.

Thank you also to Roy Westlake of Daimler Chrysler for donating Mopar jackets for us to give away as prizes.

Roy and his crew were also very busy during the weekend. They were selling hats, catalogues, lanyards & Clocks with all of the money they raised being donated to charity. Roy donated $1,846.00 to Amanda's Cruise for the JA at the end of the weekend.

Thank you to Roy and Rob for their generosity, thank you to everyone who stopped in and took part in the toonie toss, or let us spray on an airbrush tattoo, and thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help make the weekend a success.

Thank you to all who support Amanda's Cruise we could not do this without you.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Ready for Moparfest

We are getting ready for Moparfest (Aug 18th & 19th).

Hotman Hotrods is lending us an engine block for our toonie toss booth, and Mopar and GaragePower are supplying us with prizes for each day of the show. We are looking forward to bringing this little bit of fun to a great weekend event.

We are also going to have our 2nd canopy set up where we will be doing temporary airbrush tattoos. These are great for people thinking about getting a real let's you try it out for up to two weeks (depending on skin type and care).

We are very excited about bringing these events to Moparfest and look forward a fun weekend.

Stop by & mention you read the blog, and we will give you $1.00 off your temporary tattoo (1 coupon per tattoo).

Don't forget we are looking for 10 license plate numbers for the license plate scavenger hunt at our cruise. Email us your information (name, contact info, car type & plate number).

Pre-registration, but we need your help with this game.

See you on the weekend, or in September.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to a returning & a new sponsor

Another one of our 1st gear sponsors is returning for the 2007 cruise.

GaragePower from Cambridge is helping us again at Moparfest in New Hamburg on the weekend of Aug 18 & 19th. We will be hosting the Toonie Toss at this years Moparfest, with a chance at some great prizes,(more details to come in our next will be a fun weekend).

Stop in and say hello, Amanda will be there on can wish her an early happy birthday (Sunday Aug 19th).

Hitman Hotrods will also be present at Moparfest, so stop in and say hello to the Jason and Scott in the vendor area.

We would like to welcome Napa Auto Parts in Kitchener (Courtland Ave.) as a supporter, and thank them for making a donation to the prize table.

The days are couting down and we are 2 months away from cruise day...looking forward to seeing you all in September.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Prize Table is Filling Up

Hello folks

The prize table is filling up with donations from NAPA - Kitchener (Courtland Ave), Meineke Car Care Centre - Cambridge, Apple Autoglass - Cambridge, and Street Tech performance - Kitchener.

We are still trying to determine a prize for our toonie toss game, but watch for something pretty good as the prize.

For everyone participating in the poker runs (Cruise & Parking Lot), your names will be put in the draw for the Texas Holdem' Poker set.

Thank you to our donators and Sponsors...remember to check out our website and if you have the opportunity stop in and see our sponsors and tell them you saw them on our website.

Thank you &
See you in September